Fresh outta 'Fucks'

So I'm a fandom hopper. You can ask me which one I'm in at the moment but I literally have OCs for everything so bare with me. And they are certainly not perfect... But here is the list of my Fandoms I guess:ASSASSIN'S CREED TEKKEN SOUL CALIBUR SONIC THE HEDGEHOG SOUL EATER BLUE EXORCIST DEATH NOTE NARUTO SOUTH PARK DEVIL MAY CRY SUPERNATURAL (god help me...) and too many others. I also roleplay a lot so if you're up for it just ask! I follow the tag 'whiterosecrimson'. If you need information on the OCs I role play with please just ask. Just as a side note they are not all perfect. Oh! And that curly mop of hair? Yeah, that's me.

(This is my everything blog. I will a roleplay exclusive blog when I get the chance.)